Six children killed in mud collapse in Kailali, Nepal

Mud Collapse in Kailali, Nepal (Indu Kc Facebook photo)
Six children were killed in a mud collapse in Kailali district of Nepal on Friday. Disaster occurred when the children were collecting red clay to scrub their house walls and floors for the coming festival.

At least two women also got injured at the site. All deceived have been confirmed as the children of Kattipur of Dododhara village.

According to Annapurna Post, fatalities have been identified as Sita Pyakurel (10 years), Deepak Pyakurel (6 years), Maina Sunar (6 years), Natipa Neupane (6 years), Kiran Sunar (7 years) and Sushant Sunar (7 years).

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