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Global disasters caused $140bn economic losses in 2019

January 1, 2020: Total economic losses from natural and man-made catastrophes fell to around USD 140 billion in 2019 from USD 176 billion last year, Swiss Reinsurance Institute said.
Global insured losses are estimated to be around USD 56 billion, down from USD 93 billion in 2018 and below the annual average (USD 75 billion) of the previous 10 years. 
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Globally, more than 11 000 people have died or gone missing in disaster events in 2019.
Climate change is leading to more frequent and more severe secondary peril events, which manifest in different ways: more local flooding, torrential rains, prolonged drought, severe wildfires and other extreme weather events. 
The Swiss Re Group is one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance, insurance and other forms of insurance-based risk transfer, working to make the world more resilient.
Are you prepared for the next natural disaster in your area? Natural disasters can strike an…
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Salton Sea earthquake swarm 2020: Prediction for next week

August 10, 2020: A swarm of earthquakes beneath the Salton Sea began on August 10, 2020. The earthquake swarm of mostly minor intensities began shortly after 1:30 a.m. Monday morning, ranging in strength from 2.6 to 4.6, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.The largest earthquake that has occurred is a magnitude 4.6 at 8:56 AM PDT on August 10, 2020. There has been more than hundred earthquakes since 8:56 am PT with three quakes greater than magnitude 4.0.According to the USGS, this earthquake and the associated swarm are located approximately 8 miles from the southern end of the San Andreas Fault. Salton Sea Earthquake PredictionAccording to the USGS, there are three scenarios which describe possibilities of what could happen from 10 August to 18 August, 2020.There is 80% chance that the earthquakes will continue but none of them  will be larger than magnitude 5.4There is 18% chance that a larger earthquake with magnitude between 5.5 to 6.9 will occur within next seven days.There …

Kathmandu rocked by two earthquakes in last 24 hrs

August 5, 2020: Two small earthquakes have been recorded inside Kathmandu valley in last 24 hours.
According to the Nepal Seismological Center, a small earthquake of magnitude 2.7 was recorded around Thapathali area of Kathmandu Metropolitan City at 11:27 pm on August 4, 2020. 
Today, magnitude 3.5 earthquake has been recorded around Bagalamukhi Temple of Lalitpur district at 04:30 pm local time.
However, no damage is expected from these earthquakes.
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Pakenham earthquake today: M2.2 earthquake felt across the eastern suburbs

July 29, 2020: An earthquake of magnitude 2.2 has been recorded near Pakenham, about 60 kilometres south-east of the CBD at 7:08pm local time, Geoscience Australia confirmed.
The earthquake tremor was felt by the residents across Melbourne's east.
The tremor was felt by hundreds of people across the eastern suburbs, from Nar Nar Goon to Croydon.

Will earthquake come again in Nepal? Any Chances/Possibilities?

Q: Will earthquake come again in Nepal? What are the Chances/Possibilities?
A: Yes, there is no doubt. Numbers of earthquakes are recorded in Nepal on daily basis but they are so small that they are not even felt by the people. If you are asking about an earthquake to occur on fix date and time, I would say it is impossible to predict such things. 
According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), "Stating that an earthquake is going to occur today is not really predicting earthquakes. To date, they cannot be predicted. But anyone, on any day, could make this statement and it would be true." 
Earthquake prediction may some day become a reality, but only after much more is learned about earthquakes. Meanwhile, you may have heard different rumors. Some turns to be co-incidentally correct. But not every time. Please don't run behind the rumors!
What is the possibility of earthquake today?
We received several messages asking of possible earthquakes to be occurred on a …

Worst flood condition in Bangladesh, 62 killed

July 20, 2020: At least 62 people have killed in Bangladesh due to floods caused by monsoon rainfall.
According to a government report, at least 51 people were drowned and others were killed by lightning strikes.
A total of 18 district out of country’s 64 districts have been affected by current natural disasters.
According to the disaster management and relief center, nearly 2.25 million people were affected by the flooding and at least 20,000 have been forced to leave their homes.