Tibet/Nepal earthquake 2013 injures people

At least two tremors have been felt in Kathmandu, Nepal in interval of about 10 minutes. Updates below
Felt reports below in comment section. Feel free to add yours!
Update time Nepali (+5:45 UTC)
Report prepared by Ashish Khanal from Kathmandu, Nepal

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Update 09:18 A.M.
At least one people died and three others injured in China, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Further 17 others from three tourist buses were trapped by quake-triggered landslides in Yunnan Province of China.

Update 07:25 A.M.

According to the China Earthquake Networks Center, another earthquake in the morning (not to be confused with midnight Tibet/Nepal earthquake) had magnitude of 5.9 in the border of southwest China's Yunnan and Sichuan provinces.
The quake was felt strongly in the county seat of Deqen, Xinhua reported.
Earthquake also triggered landslides, which blocked the traffic from Deqen to Benzilan in China.

Update 06:15 A.M.
According to the Nepal Seismological Centre, the first quake had magnitude of 6.0, the epicenter located some 80-85 kilo meters from Jiri of Dolakha. Tremors were even felt in Lalitpur, Kavre and Nuwakot.
At least one person got injured when he jumped off the house in Kharibot, Kantipur reported.
NSC website is still not accessible!

Below is a photo by Ali Ashfaq, Maldives national football player who is currently with his team in Kathmandu for SAFF Championship match. Football players were evacuated out of the hotel.


Update 2013/08/21; 1:20 A.M.

No more updates than earthquake's epicenter was near Nyalam, Tibet. Have to wait for tomorrow morning for detail report from Nepal side.
NSC website still not accessible. Nepal Seismological website says, "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later."

Update 12:32

It was mainly felt around Kathmandu including Bhaktapur and Lalitpur district. Till now we don't have any report of tremors felt in eastern or western side of Nepal. The National Seismological Centre is yet to verify the magnitude and the epicentre of the quake.

Update 12:25

Nepal Seismological Center website is currently accessible. Magnitude 4.9 earthquake in China cannot give intense shaking as felt today. Either the epicenter is much closer to Kathmandu, Nepal or magnitude is larger. We expect later one.

Update 12:12

This is the epicenter of earthquake according to EMSC.

Update 12:05

This is what Deepak Jha from Bhaktapur has written:
"The seismic waves passed through my left foot to the right side of my head...just experienced those waves without even knowing it was earthquake at the firsthand"

Update 12:01

USGS gives data of 4.9 magnitude. However as our earlier experience, the magnitude would be greater than this. Have to wait for Nepal Seismological Center data.
3 km (2mi) NNW of Chongdui, China
74 km (46mi) NE of Banepa, Nepal
79 km (49mi) NNE of Panaoti, Nepal
81 km (50mi) NE of Kathmandu, Nepal
84 km (52mi) NE of Patan, Nepal

Update 11:59

Still people are outside house. They seem panicked. This report is also being prepared outside of the reporter's house.

Note that a joint report by the United Nations and the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery in 2004 has ranked Nepal as the 11th most earthquake -prone country in the world. 

Update 11:47
Another tremor felt in Kathmandu again at 11:48 nepali time. Aftershocks seems to last come. Please be safe!

Update 11:45

According to Jeetendra Giri from Maitidevi, Kathmandu, he felt the strongest shaking ever in his life while he was watching the movie "Madras cafe" lying on bed.
Did you feel it? Share your experiences

Update 11:42 Nepali Time

Still epicenter is unknown.

Update 2013/08/30; 11:38 Nepali Time

It is currently 11:325 in Nepal. Tremor lasted for 10 seconds.

Strong tremor have been felt in Kathmandu, Nepal around 17:48 UTC. News developing...

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    1. चीनको western xizangमा केन्द्रविन्दु रहेको ५ रेक्टर
      स्केलको भूकम्पको धक्का काठमाडौँमा समेत महसुस गरिएको छ l उक्त
      भूकम्प जमिन सतहबाट १० किलोमिटर गहिराईमा भएको थियो l

  2. NOW PLAYING - 2012 in Set Max! What a coincidence!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. I am more inclined to believe USGS's M4.9. M6.0 is at the bottom end of the range of strong earthquakes which would be expected to cause slight to moderate damage to non-engineered buildings in populated areas. M4.9 is at the top end of the range of light earthquakes which would not be expected to cause damage. In terms of energy, an M6.0 is more than twelve times larger than an M4.9. Since there is no widespread damage to buildings in Kathmandu, which is only 80km from the epicentre, I find it hard to believe that that the magnitude is greater than say M5.2, particularly given the alluvial stratum on which Kathmandu is situated.

  4. don't know about the scale but it was pretty sacary

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  6. there was 2 blow the initial one was quite small one and the one right following it was a heavy blow i was watching movie either and that thing blew me

  7. It was felt again

  8. i have experienced the most shaky quake in my life

  9. onceagain but still curious about center and how big

  10. 2 choti amama kathmandu bhasine ho ki kya ho

  11. I will guess it was 5 on the richter scale.

  12. the seismic waves passed through my left foot to the right side of my head...just experienced those waves without even knowing it was earthquake at the firsthand.

    1. so is your left foot connected to your head? lol

    2. @asos, your description is genuine coz the information like touch,pain,temperature from the left side of the body goes to the right side of the brain !

  13. Magnitude M 5.0
    Date time 2013-08-30 17:49:23.2 UTC
    Location 30.95 N ; 83.12 E
    Depth 10 km
    Distances 418 km NW of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271
    297 km NE of Birendranagar, Nepal / pop: 31,381
    206 km NE of Jumlā, Nepal / pop: 9,073

  14. really too scary. we just finished movie and going to sleep sudden start shaking. hope everything alright.

  15. http://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/earthquake.php?id=332189

  16. First tremor @ 11:34 pm and aftershock @ 11:48 pm (as per my watch)

  17. i was waiting for a game between Bayern munichen vs Chelsea but suddenly there was a big shake than i ran out in field...first time in my lifetime :)

  18. no damage to building or power lines here in western KTM. First shock was sudden and I'd say less than 5 (I was in a 7 last year elsewhere). Aftershock took some time and was no so scary.

  19. Gautam Buddha was born in India.

  20. I was laying and it was an awesome shake then I felt I was rocking in the bed, its nice until I realized it was a damn earthquake and instantly I switched off the power circuit and ran out like hell besides the quake had already stopped before I ran out..hahaha..Its the marvelous night though.. I am loving it..

  21. It was shocking and so shaking too. Everyone rush outside.

  22. go listen to dhiraj rai's song- buddha was born in nepal and be enlightened you poor soul

  23. I was laying and it was an awesome shake then I felt I was rocking in the bed, its nice until I realized it was a damn earthquake and instantly I switched off the power circuit and ran out like hell besides the quake had already stopped before I ran out..hahaha..Its the marvelous night though.. I am loving it..

  24. hainna kati bela yesmani comment garna bhayechan manche haruley achamai cha baaa

  25. Felt strong shaked. Sirened my quake alarm which helped us to take safety measure. Went outside with go bag n my family members.

  26. It was a great shock . I was lying on the bed watching Madras cafe . Suddenly my bed begin to move . I got confuse is it really a earthquake or any thing is happening

  27. letz go to slep gudnte evry one

  28. stay safe don't panick

  29. It was a very strong shake with wooshing sound for just a few second making me awake.

  30. Lots of people came out in the streets, but most people seem to have gone back inside. Its raining now...

  31. Oh my god: amazing experience to me. I am working on computer suddenly my chair vibrating & i look my book rack ooooo my good its changing particle to wave . whole house is vibrating up to 10 second....amazing experience in my life. thank god we are safe. Its too bad to us that we cant able to inform before, even science & technology of today's world meet to forecast.

  32. 7 floor mathi thiya dimakh le kam nai gare na hamfalu jasto ni lagyo..paxi kati xito aateko tal ma tala pugi se xa tha nai vaina hahahahaha.

    1. it is a very stupid idea to jump off.

  33. I was playing a game with my canadian friend then the shock hit me I almost fell of my chair and my friend won the match and I told him that there was an earthquake and he was like "oh god r u dead hide below ur table " and I was like btz plz :P

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