Heavy storm hits Kathmandu, Nepal

Heavy storm around 4:30 pm Saturday evening has affected the lives of people of Kathmandu and halted traffics at various places in the capital city of Nepal.

Nepal Meteorological Forecasting division had predicted 40% chances of precipitation on Saturday. Strong storm along with thunderstorm and rainfall hit the capital city in the evening.

Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Meteorological Forecasting Division Nepal

Generally cloudy in the western region and partly cloudy in the eastern and central regions. Brief rain or thundershowers likely to occur at a few places of the hilly regions.  

Storm observed at Old Baneswor, Kathmandu (Photo: Disaster Report)
According to wunderground, wind speed in Kathmandu is forecast to be highest at 13km/hr from WNW at 5:00 pm Saturday evening.

The dust and pollutants from the road construction in the Kathmandu valley have greatly affected lives. According to a report on Environmental Performance Index released by the Yale University, Nepal’s air quality ranks 177th out of 178 countries, better only than Bangladesh.


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