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Oklahoma tornado season 2013

Several people are reported to be dead following tornado in Oklahoma. Meteorologist expects Oklahoma tornado season 2013 to be more bad. Tornado news updates, pictures below

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Update 23:00 UTC
-Weather service has confirmed tornado that hit Moore, Okla., was a top-of-the-scale EF-5.
-Only 1 out of 1,000 tornadoes reach EF-5 levels.

Update 14:30 UTC
-Medical Examiner's Office has lowered the fatalities number to 24 including 9 children. The earlier reported may have included some double reported casualties making death toll higher, official said. The New York Times had earlier reported 91 fatalities.
-President Barack Obama has pledged urgent government help for Moore, Oklahoma tornado victims. Below is Associated Press you tube video.

Update 13:00 UTC
-Oklahoma City Medical Examiner's Office has just received 24 bodies. Official report yet to come.
-Flags will be lowered at the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday morning in honor of the tornado victims.

Update 05:10 UTC
-According to The New York Times, Oklahoma tornado death toll has further risen to 91.
-Currently City of Moore has no running water.
Below is the aerial photo of tornado damage to Moore Medical Center in Moore, Oklahoma; Steve Gooch / AP


Update 03:15 UTC

-US President Obama has declared major disaster in Oklahoma after devastating tornado, AP reports. The declaration means federal emergency aid will supplement local recovery efforts.
-Quoting Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb, BBC reports 20 children among the 51 confirmed dead!
Moore tornado video below.

Update 03:00 UTC
Below is how you can help tornado victims:
The Oklahoma Red Cross is asking people to donate by texting Red Cross to 90999 which will be a $10 donation.
Disaster response teams have been send by  the Salvation Army Arkansas-Oklahoma Division.
You can donate online:
Feed The Children is accepting donations from the public on Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the McCormick Distribution Center, 29 N McCormick. Feed The Children is also preparing emergency disaster relief supplies.
Donate online:
People are asked foe rescue, recovery and disaster relief efforts.
Donations cane be made at:
Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief teams are active in Shawnee, Edmond and Little Axe. They are helping in tornado recovery efforts.
Donation can be made at:
Donate blood, save life
More information at:

(Data source NewsOk.Com)

Update 2013/05/21; 02:15 UTC
-Following Amy Elliott, the spokeswoman for the Oklahoma City medical examiner, Oklahoma tornado has claimed lives of 51 people. The death toll is again expected to rise.
-Tornado has injured 145 people others including 70 children. Several children were pulled out of rubble alive at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Okla.
-Following the National Weather Service, the tornado's preliminary classification was an EF-4, with winds up to 200 mph.
-Tornado heavily damaged Briarwood Elementary School, 14901 Hudson Ave. off of SW 149. Several people were evacuated from Moore Medical Center.
-Tornado shelters have been opened by Red Cross at:

St. Andrews United Methodist
2727 SW 119th St

Moore Community Center

201 S Howard
Moore OK

Newcastle Storm Shelter

851 N Carr

Absentee Shawnee Tribe Little Axe Resource Center

Carney Senior Center
301 E Maple

Shawnee Athletic Center
(Shawnee High School)
1001 North Kennedy
Shawnee, OK

Source: plus NewsOk.Com

Below are some pictures of damages caused by Oklahoma tornado season 2013.
This photo shows A fire burns in the Tower Plaza Addition in Moore, Okla., following a tornado Monday, May 20, 2013; AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

Moore_oklahoma_tornado_pictureAnother photo of tornado cars damage; Photo by Paul Hellstern.

Tornado-cars_damage_oklahomaThis photo shows rescuers recovering a horse from the remains of a day care center near SW 149th and Western on Monday, May 20, 2013 in Moore, Oklahoma; Steve Sisney Photo, The Oklahoman.

Below is a photo of a child pulled from the rubble of the Tower Plaza Elementary School following a tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, Monday, May 20, 2013; AP Photo Sue Ogrocki

This is another photo of a child pulled from the rubble of the Tower Plaza Elementary School following a tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, Monday, May 20, 2013; AP Photo Sue Ogrocki.


Update 02:30 UTC

-Oklahoma governor has declared state of emergency in 16 counties after tornadoes.
-Tornado claimed life of one people in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. Two people are still reported to be missing at a trailer park.
-Meteorologist expects Oklahoma tornado season 2013 to be more bad in coming days.
-The outbreak of tornadoes touched Oklahoma, Iowa and Kansas. 

An earthquake with magnitude 2.9 has also been reported at 20:46 with epicenter located 11km ENE of Luther.

As of 9 pm CDT, there have been nearly 350 reports of severe weather since 7 am including 26 reports of tornadoes, The Weather Channel has tweeted.

At least one people died in tornado in Shawnee, Oklahoma, east of Oklahoma City, Fox News reported.

A half-mile wide tornado was reported near Oklahoma city. Weather Service had already issued tornado emergency alert saying, "You could be killed if not underground or in a tornado shelter."

Several tornadoes touched down from Oklahoma to Iowa.

Tornado damaged multiple houses in eastern part of Oklahoma county. Tornado damage has also been reported near Wichita, Kansas.

According to National Weather Service, at least19 tornadoes have touched down in parts of Iowa, Oklahoma and Kansas by early Sunday morning.

Granbury, Texas tornado claimed several lives some days ago.

Photo:  Picture of the Shawnee Tornado; Tornado Titans

Original post: Natural Disasters List May 19, 2013


  1. My prayers for all the affected people by the tornado. We are heading for great natural catastrophes from all the four forces of nature. Awakening to simple principle and design on which nature functions can alleviate the situation and transcend the critical period. We were created in God's Image and we were given the requisite knowledge before He gave dominion to us. We lost this knowledge when we became self centered and forgot HIM. Through Jesus' spirit God is giving back this Knowledge. Only Knowledge can help us escape the great destruction coming to us and lead us to Golden Age. I keep posting to you all on natural catastrophes. Just to call your attention to the fact that we are governed two basic forces, the heating and cooling. They give way to one another smoothly over a period slowly. The day and night and climatic cycle speak of the energy cycle in which we live. When we unilaterally increase the heat of environment and intervene into the night cycle. We actually decrease the grid points through which this slow change occurs. Consequence is Accelerated climate change or sudden increases and fall. This manifest as increasing natural catastrophes. I had predicted an increased fire and wind bound destruction due to increased heat. So too destruction from flash flood/ snows , earth quakes and volcanic eruption due to earth forces that oppose it by winding - This progression of events could lead to activation of all major volcanoes. The sign are very much there - it is time to awaken to simple realities of nature and take guard of earth - the two links can lead the world to truth

  2. Bad to hear that deadly tornado happened in Oklahoma recently; Will keep them in my prayers.

    1. yeah its bad as to hear that the tornado spun around and sucked them up and bashed all the house and make people dead as sleeping forever

  3. pretty sad, not funny at all blimmin ratchet as!


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