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May 31, 2017: End of the World by massive earthquake

May 31, 2017: A rumor has spread by "End Times Signs-News & Conspiracy" YouTube channel claiming the world to end on May 31, 2017 by massive earthquake. "The End Is Near-Sun Will Sleep & Earth Will full of Ice Make You Scare May 31,2017?," a message is written in the description. The video – which has been watched a million times, contains just a bunch of videos of natural disasters with specific date but no any justification. Can anyone predict earthquakes? Unfortunately, there is still no way to predict when an earthquake will strike. Scientists have a pretty good idea of where an earthquake is likely to strike, but there is still no way to tell exactly when it will happen, or how big it will be (USGS). Earlier in 2012, several claimed the date as the end of the world . There were more than 200 earlier end of the world prediction which all went wrong. There are still other several predicted dates for apocalyptic events such as the R

Massive landslide in Big Sur buries part of California's iconic Highway 1

Aerial photo shows a massive landslide along California's coastal Highway 1 (John Madonna via AP) May 24, 2017: A massive landslide has buried a section of California's iconic Highway 1 in Big Sur. According to the Associated Press, more than one million tons of rock and dirt buried a .25 stretch of Highway 1 under 40-feet of debris.

M 3.8 earthquake felt in Fairbanks, Alaska today

May 8, 2017: Magnitude 3.8 light earthquake has been recorded in Alaska with epicenter located 59 km NNE of Badger and 60 NE of Fairbanks. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the quake's epicenter was located at a shallow depth of 9 km.

Flash floods on Indonesia’s Java island kill 13 villagers

May 2, 2017: Flash floods triggered by heavy rainfall have claimed lives of 13  people in Indonesia's main Java Island.  According to the local Disaster Management Agency, flooding in Magelang district of Central Java damaged around 71 houses, forcing about 50 families to take shelter in mosques and relatives' houses.

Cyclone Donna forms NE of Vanuatu, poses no threat to Fiji

May 3, 2017: Pacific forecasters have named a Category 1 cyclone as Donna which formed this evening northeast of Vanuatu, Donna. Fiji Meteorological Service senior forecaster Stephen Meke said the system was forecast to move over Vanuatu within the next two days.

Mud collapse in Sarlahi, Nepal kills 4

April 30, 2017: At least four people died and three others injured after a mud collapse on the bank of Banke River in Sarlahi district of Nepal. The local police have identified the victims as Rammati Mahato, Pabita Devi Mahato, Abhisekh Mahato and Anshu Kumari Mahato including two children.