Kathmandu rocked by 3.2 magnitude earthquake; Epicenter in Gurjudhara

Magnitude 3.2 earthquake rocked south western Kathmandu Sunday afternoon at  4:24 p.m., the Nepal Seismological Center reported.

The epicenter was located in Gurjudhara. It was well felt in neighbouring areas of Kalanki, Thankot and Dahachowk.

No preliminary damage or injuries have been reported.

Yesterday, magnitude 4.4 light earthquake shook Phulasi, Ramechhap area. Gorkha Earthquake is followed by 424 numbers of aftershocks with local magnitude >= 4 until 10th January 2016.

Researchers have already found an active fault (ca. 6 km long) named as Thankot Active Fault (TAF) in the south western part of the Kathmandu Basin, Journal of Nepal Geological Society mentioned in its 2003 edition.

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