Soil erosion in Malaysia evacuates 12 families

Soil erosion in Malaysia's Jalan Plumbum has forced 12 families to evacuate from their homes. The retaining wall near the houses collapsed after the surrounding soil eroded.

"The area of the soil erosion had been declared as a disaster area level one," New Straits Times Online has written quoting Petaling district officer Datuk Mohd Misri Idris as saying.

Evacuated families are having temporary shelter at a nearby hotel by

Causes of soil erosion in Malaysia

According to Petaling district officer Datuk Mohd Misri Idris, the recent heavy rains have contributed to the retaining wall's collapse. The problem of silt at the area has occurred since 2011.

The Kampung Baru bridge in Bentong, Pahang, was temporarily closed due to severe soil erosion in January this year.


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