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Major hailstorm in Bogota, Colombia affects 900

Major hailstorm in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia covered the area with a 24-inch layer of icy snow  affecting lives of around 900 people.

More than 900 people have been affected by recent hailstorm in Fraguita, Antonio Nariño and Restrepo in the southern part of the city, El Espectador quoted Fire Department as saying. 

According to The Colombia Reporters, the excessive hail caused a number of emergencies across the city. Bogota Disaster Rick and Prevention unit confirmed that no victims were identified.

However, several people were rescued from the collapsed roofs.

Relief agencies have provided assistance such as hygiene kits, mattresses and blankets to the affected families.

Below is YouTube video posted by Weather News (Increíble #Granizada en la ciudad de #Bogotá).


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