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Tropical Cyclone Ian prompts hurricane warning in Vava'u, Tonga

A hurricane warning has been issued for the Vava'u group in Tonga following tropical cyclone Ian, the Fua'amotu Tropical Cyclone Warning Center said in its latest update.

Tropical cyclone Ian updates issued at 4:30 Am Friday morning (January 10, 2014) has kept Ha'apai and Niuafo'ou under gale warning. A storm alert remains in force for the Ha'apai group. Similarly, a tropical cyclone alert remains in force for Tongatapu and 'Eua.

Severe tropical cyclone Ian, a category four storm was located 170 km South-SouthWest of Niuafo'Ou and 295 km NorthWest of Vava'U at 1:00 AM Friday morning.

Following current track, Tropical cyclone Ian is predicted to bring destructive storm force winds to the Vava'U group in the next 12-18 hours followed by a very destructive hurricane force winds in the next 18-24 hours.

The government of Tonga held an emergency meeting and is currently monitoring the cyclone. The Emergency Operation Centres have been activated.

Original post: Natural Disasters List January 9, 2014