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Toronto flooding 2013 (pictures, videos)

Storm has caused heavy rains, power outages and flash flooding in Toronto, Canada.

More than 90 mm of rainfall, more than a month's average, has been recorded in Toronto.

A flood warning has been issued for Toronto rivers. Porter Airlines has cancelled all flights to and from Toronto due to the severe weather.

Toronto flooding has also shut down the Don Valley Parkway. 

According to Toronto Hydro, about 300,000 residents are without power across the Greater Toronto Area.

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This photo taken from the Bloor St bridge shows flooded DVP (by Sylvie Vannier from Ontario, Canada).


Photo below taken by Elena Lappo, meteorologist at the weather network, shows people and flooded cars at 427 and Burnhamthorpe.


Cars flooded at King Street and Atlantic Avenue after a flash flood in Toronto (Peter J. Thompson/Nation).


This photo shows flooding in Don Valley Parkway in Toronto on Monday, July 8 2013 (Source The Canadian Press).


Below is a you tube video news coverage on flood in Toronto, Ontario July 2013.

Toronto Police advised public to remain in their homes, avoid underpasses and low-lying areas. The weather agency has also warned motorists to avoid driving through water on roads.

The average rainfall for July is 74 mm. The single day record rainfall is 121.4 mm set on October 15, 1954 during Hurricane Hazel. 

Original post: Natural Disasters List July 9, 2013


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