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Flooding, landslides in China claim 14

Recent flooding and landslides across China have claimed lives of at least 14 people, the Xinhua reported.

At least eight people died due to hailstorm in Erdos city of Mongolia.

Landslides buried four in Anhui province of east China. Six rivers overflowed in Huizhou district. Others two were buried in Sichuan province.

The National Meteorological Center (NMC) has predicted more rainfall in Inner Mongolia.

A total of 97,500 hectares of cropland have been flooded, more than 247 houses have been totally destroyed causing damage of 430 million yuan in Mongolia, the regional civil affairs department said.

Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarter has expected tropical storm Rumbia to hit Guangdong province on Monday night or Tuesday.

Original post: Natural Disasters List June 30, 2013