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Alberta flooding 2013 prompts state of emergency (updates, photos, videos)

Heavy flooding hit Alberta on June 20, 2013. Alberta flooding caused major damage in Canmore, Calgary and High River. Flood emergency has been declared in various Alberta communities. Updates below

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Update 10:09 UTC; 2013/06/24
-Three bodies have been recovered from flooding in southern Alberta and a fourth person is still reported to be missing.
-Flood emergency still continues in western Canada.
-About 65,000 Calgary residents were allowed to return to their homes Sunday to assess the flood damage.
-More than 2,200 military personnel and nine helicopters were used in flood relief efforts.

Below is a photo of aerial view of flooded downtown Calgary, Alberta (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jonathan Hayward).


Update 23:50 UTC

-According to NBC News who has quoted the Royal Canadian Mountain Police, at least four people have died in Alberta flooding. Bodies were found in High River, located about 60 km south of Calgary.
-Around 100,000 people of Calgary have been ordered to leave the area.
-More than 100 millimeters of rainfall has been recorded in some parts of southern Alberta in just two days.
Below is a list of Enmax Outages.
Update 16:05 UTC

Elevated water level has been observed at Bow and Little Bow Rivers in Vulcan County. Floodgates on the Twin Valley and the Travers Reservoirs are being opened currently. Below is a raw video by Calgary City News in which Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks about Calgary Flood.

Update 15:50 UTC
-Around 1,200 soldiers are currently heading to southern Alberta for flood aid.
-Calgary Police has given the following number for immediate assistance regarding the flood situation.
Contact 3-1-1 or if an emergency, 9-1-1

Update 13:00 UTC

-According to Alberta Emergency Management Agency, the Municipal District of Foothills remains under a local state of emergency due to flooding.
-Fish Creek Provincial Park is currently closed due to flooding.

Update 07:30 UTC

Alberta Emergency Management Agency has issued the following critical alert at 11:49 PM.
Portions of the following communities are under mandatory evacuation: Beltline, Bonnybrook, Bowness, Bridgeland Industrial, Chinatown Eau Claire, Cliff Bungalow, Deer Run, Discovery Ridge, Downtown East Village,Elbow Park, Erlton, Inglewood, Hillhurst, Mission, Montgomery, Quarry Park, Rideau, Riverbend, Riverdale, Roxboro, Elboya, Sunnyside, Victoria Park, Windsor Park.

Update 07:05 UTC
-Schools in Calgary area will be closed Friday. According to Calgary board of education, a member of Calgary Emergency Management Agency,  all CBE schools will be closed on Friday, June 21, 2013.
-Officials have expected as many as 100,000 people to be evacuated from low-lying areas in 25 communities by midnight.

Below is a Red Cross contact information (via Calgary City News Blog).
Red Cross in Calgary cane be reached at:
100, 1305 – 11th Avenue SW
Telephone: 403.541.6100
If you have general or donation inquiries, please contact the Red Cross at: or 1-800-418-1111

Update June 21; 06:00 UTC
The following Alberta communities are under states of flood emergency.
Sundre, Calgary, Lethbridge, Cochrane, High River, Turner Valley, Canmore, Black Diamond, Rockyview County, the municipal districts of Foothills, Bighorn and Crowsnest Pass.

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A state of emergency has been declared due to flooding in several Canadian towns.

Flood emergency was declared in Canmore and Alberta after heavy rainfall flooded a river that runs through the town.

Flood water swept away two person into the Highwood River near the town of Black Diamond.

Mandatory evacuation orders have already been issued for six Calgary communities along the Elbow River.

A city statement has urged people to find flood shelter with family or friends for the next 72 hours minimum.

A river has started overflowing in the town of High River and flood emergency has been declared in that area too.

In Canmore, flood emergency evacuations centres have been established at the local civic centre and Canmore Collegiate High School.

Below is a photo of Alberta flooding (Source Jordan Verlage / THE CANADIAN PRESS).


All public schools in Canmore and Banff have been closed, CTV News has written in its online edition.

Alberta Health Services has issued a boil water advisory for its Calgary zone.

Below is a you tube video o Alberta flooding.

The last severe flood in Calgary happened in 2005, when about 40,000 homes and 1,500 residents were evacuated.

A rainfall warning has been issued by Environment Canada for parts of southern Alberta, forecasting up to 100 millimetres of rain in the next 48 hours.

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    When huge disaster by flood/snow, fire, earthquakes, occurs there is huge cry in media, leaders make statements, and then everyone forgets, leaving the people to suffer and recover and as usual they go about exploiting nature. The fact of the matter is that earth is becoming fragile under human greed and reckless exploitation of nature. There are lots of scientific data in this regard. It is proven that earth's magnetic pole is shifting at a huge pace and its shied is deteriorating. From a simple understanding of earth's "Design and Principle" I had been writing to leaders of nations, temples of science, media and in social media for many many years pointing to the fact that we are tending to great destruction from forces of Mother Nature. It is common sense when a system is heated unilaterally it breaks down. From the days of industrial era we have been exponentially increasing the heat of the environment. We have been recklessly destroying the greenery and with globalization we have recklessly intruded into the night cycle in which Earth works to convert heat into matter and thus tries to balance the system. Earth is non-linear system that is being pushed to its critical limit and she is reacting violently - if we do not awaken now, destruction coming our way would be unimaginable. Simple realization of "principle and design" and functioning of earth and a global action to control the energy of the environment can alleviate Mother Earth - some media please bring this to the world and awaken the leaders of nations - People reading this you could be next at the receiving end - please viral this to awaken - Knowledge is the only way to survive

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