Southern China storms claim 33

Weekend rainstorms in southern China have claimed lives of atleast 33 people and left 12 people missing, Xinhua reports.

Rainstorm hit 10 provinces in southern China, including Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangxi. Worst-hit is the Guangdong province.

Rainstorm triggering heavy flooding has claimed 19 lives and left 11 missing in Guangdong province alone, Guangdong Provincial Flood Prevention and Drought Relief Headquarters says.

A level-four disaster relief response has been initiated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Committee for Disaster Reduction.

Fujian, China landslide claimed three lives yesterday.

According to Guangdong weather service, some areas received up to 10 inches of rain in nine hours yesterday. More rains and mudslides are predicted in the coming days.

Original post: Natural Disasters List May 17, 2013


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