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South Shetland Islands earthquake measures 6.9 in magnitude

Earthquake's epicenter map of South Shetland islands
January 23, 2021: A strong earthquake has been recorded in the South Shetland Islands in the Antarctica today.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake in the South Shetland Islands had a magnitude of 6.9 with a depth of 9.6 kilometers.

Chile’s Interior Ministry issued a tsunami warning following the quake. Strong tremors were felt in the Chilean capital Santiago.

Hundreds of people were ready to evacuate in the coastal region of La Serena after receiving evacuation message on their cellphone. 

However, the authorities said it as a technical error and the locals were informed about the false alarm later.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center clarified there’s no tsunami threat to Caribbean coasts from the earthquake in South Shetland Islands today.