Worst wind damage in 20 years hits South Canterbury and Otago, New Zealand

Storm damage at at the old Gore hospital (Gore District Council via Stuff)
Heavy storm in South Canterbury and Otago region of New Zeland have caused widespread power outage and fire.

The damage caused to the power network was the worst Southland and Otago had seen in 20 years, Stuff has written quoting PowerNet chief executive Jason Franklin.

Power outage have been reported to almost 80 people west of Christchurch. Similarly, about 400 homes are without electricity in South Canterbury. In Otago, about 400 consumers on the Aurora Energy network are without power.

Winds in Canterbury on Monday morning reached 70 km/h in Lyttelton and 130 km/h at Le Bons Bay in Banks Peninsula.

More than 330 emergency calls have been made to the Fire Service in the South Island in the 24 hours to 6 am Monday. Fire broke out on Sunday in the North Canterbury towns of Oxford, Loburn, Woodend and Swannanoa.

Original Post: Recent Natural Disasters List October 5, 2015

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