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Andres becomes first hurricane of 2015 Eastern North Pacific Hurricane Season

Andres has strengthen into the first hurricane of the 2015 Eastern North Pacific Hurricane Season, National Hurricane Center mentioned in a bulletin issued at 03:00 pm MDT, May 29, 2015.

The hurricane Andres is currently located 1,235 km SSW of the Southern tip of Baja California with the maximum sustained winds of 120 km/hr.

According to Hawaii News Now, the current forecast does not have the storm reaching Hawaii or the U.S. mainland before dissipating. Hurricane season for Hawaii and the Central Pacific officially begins Monday, June 1.

hurricane andres path
Project path of hurricane Andres (via The Weather Channel)
Andres will move northwest, then turn west-northwest later this weekend, remaining well off the Mexican coast, eventually weakening over colder water early next week, The Weather Channel reported.

There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect, National Hurricane Center said.

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