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Nepal earthquake April 12, 2015 creates history

The death toll from the deadly earthquakes and aftershocks in 2015 have now crossed the earlier record of 8,519 deaths set in Nepal in 1934. The death toll from April 2015 earthquake stands at 8,583 as of May 18, 2015.

The April 2015 earthquake with its epicenter in Barpak village of Gorkha district triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest and the Langtang valley.

The earthquake caused widespread damage in Nepal, India, China and Bangladesh. A total of 78 deaths have been reported in India, followed by 25 in China and four in Bangladesh.

At least 58 foreigners have died in the earthquake with 112 still reported to be missing.

About Nepal earthquake 1934

The massive earthquake in 1934 (also called 'Great Nepal Bihar Earthquake') struck Nepal at 2:13 pm on the 16th of January with its epicenter about 9.5 km south of Mount Everest. The 8.4 magnitude earthquake caused widespread damage in Nepal and neighbouring northern Bihar region of India. At least 8,519 people died in Nepal only. The total death toll was more than 10,000.

The 1934 Nepal earthquake has now become the second deadliest earthquake on record to hit Nepal.

The first recorded earthquake in history of Nepal of magnitude 7.7 in June 7, 1255 AD killed one third of the total population of Kathmandu including Abahya Malla, the King of Kathmandu valley.

earthquake bhaktapur durbar square
Earthquake damage at Bhaktapur Durbar Square
earthquake kathmandu durbar square
Earthquake damage at Kathmandu Durbar Square

earthquake kathmandu
Earthquake damage at Kathmandu Durbar Square
earthquake Khokana
Earthquake damage at Khokana
earthquake sitapaila kathmandu
Tilted house due to earthquake in Sitapaila, Kathmandu