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Snowfall in Capracotta, Italy breaks Colorado's world record after 94 years – 100 inches of snow in 24 hours

Snowfall in Capracotta, Italy has set the new world one-day snowfall record with 100.8 inches of snowfall in about 18 hours. It took Capracotta, Italy around 94 years to break earlier record set back between April 20 to 21, 1921 in Silver Lake, Colorado, US when 193 cm (75.8 inch) of snow fell hit the region.

Now, Capracotta and Pescocostanzo, between Abruzzo and Molise in central Italy are officially the snowiest places in the world, the Italian weather website, MeteoWeb, has written.

The Snowfall in Capracotta was heaviest in the world as one of the photos posted on MeteoWeb even showed a resident standing on top of the accumulation shaking hands with a neighbor. She is in a second-story window.


"Locals had to dig tunnels from their front doors in order to be able to leave their homes," The Telegraph has written.

Heavy snowfall also hit the neighbouring Campobasso, Pescocostanzo, Pescopennataro and Vastogirardi villages.

Capracotta is a small village in Italy with population of 1,089 in Isernia area located about 45 kilometres northwest of Campobasso.

It's not an official record yet as the World Meteorological Organization has to confirm the snowfall actually surpassed the 24-hour snowfall record set back around 94 years ago.

Original post: Natural Disasters List March 11, 2015