Flights canceled as rare snowstorm hits Saudi Arabia

Rare snowstorm in Saudi Arabia has grounded planes at Turaif Domestic Airport.

"Snow storms have left a layer of white snow on top of the sand", BBC reported. The bulk of the snow hit a town near the northern city of Tabuk and forced the Bedouin shepherds and their camels to stay in their tents for protection and to keep warm.

According to Arab News, The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has canceled all flights to and from Turaif Domestic Airport in the Northern Border Province because of heavy snowfall.


Snowstorm in Syria has claimed lives of at least 11 people this week. In neighbouring Lebanon, Snowstorm claimed lives of two Syrian man and a young boy, bringing misery to thousands of Syrian refugees. The 2013 Middle East snowstorm slammed parts of Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, and Egypt.

Photo: Cars belonging to picnickers in one of Tabuk’s snow-covered areas via Arab News. (SPA)


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