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Flooding in Saudi Arabia kills 10, injures 11

October 28, 2019: Flooding in northeastern parts of Saudi Arabia has claimed lives of seven people and injured 11 others. Heavy rainfall and storm affected the areas of Harf Al-Batin, Al-Khafaji and Al-Qur’a Al-Alia. According to the Saudi Defence Department, at least 16 people trapped by the floods have been rescued and taken to safe places. Due to severe weather , schools have suspended classes on Monday in Hafer al-Batin. Main Post: Recent Natural Disasters List October 28, 2019

Flash floods in Saudi Arabia kill 30

November 14, 2018: Flash floods in Saudi Arabia have killed at least 30 people over the past month. According to the Saudi Civil Defence, “The number of deaths from flash floods and related electric shocks in Saudi Arabia has reached 30."

Sandstorm in Jeddah today kills 2; Makkah under emergency

Photo source (Jeddah sandstorm shuts airport, schools; drivers told to stay off roads/Qatar Day) A huge sandstorm in Jeddah today killed two people, closing schools and rescheduling of flights. A state of emergency has been declared in Makkah, which is situated 90 km east of Jeddah. Jeddah was blanketed by dust with winds moving at 60 km/hour, Arab News reported. Two people died due to road accidents in the Al-Salama district of Jeddah due to poor visibility.

Saudi Arabia flood kills 6 — Eight years rain in just two days

Heavy ice flash flood has claimed lives of at least six people in Saudi Arabia as meteorologists predicted eight years of rain in just two days over the Arabian Sea. Extreme weather condition have affected the region since October 28, 2015.

Lightning storm causes crane collapse at Mecca's Grand Mosque — 107 killed, 200 more injured

A crane collapse caused by lightning storm at Mecca's Grand Mosque of Saudi Arabia has claimed lives of at least 107 people and injured 238 others. Aljazeera has quoted the Saudi Press Agency, a spokesperson for the two holy mosques as saying that the crane was brought down by strong wind and heavy rain.

Flights canceled as rare snowstorm hits Saudi Arabia

Rare snowstorm in Saudi Arabia has grounded planes at Turaif Domestic Airport. "Snow storms have left a layer of white snow on top of the sand", BBC reported. The bulk of the snow hit a town near the northern city of Tabuk and forced the Bedouin shepherds and their camels to stay in their tents for protection and to keep warm.

Saudi Arabia flash flood kills 7

Flash flooding in Hail province of Saudi Arabia has claimed lives of at least seven people, AFP reported. The authorities have ordered to close the schools in the region. Arabian Peninsula experienced heaviest rainfall in more than 25 years in May 2013. Saudi authorities have been criticized in the past for a lack of  flood preparedness. Saudi Arabia flash flood in 2009 in the Red Sea port of Jeddah had claimed lives of at least 123 people. Original post: Natural Disasters List March 12, 2014

Light earthquake in Saudi Arabia, 52 km NNE of Jizan

M 4.4 light earthquake shakes Saudi Arabia today, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake's epicenter was located 23 km NE of Sabya. It was 7.4 miles deep. Tremor has been reported by the people of Sabya, Jizan, Samitah, Abha and surrounding areas. The Gulf of Aqaba and Jizan comparatively fall under high earthquake risk area. Epicenter of current earthquake in Saudi Arabia lies 52 km NNE of Jizan. But overall the risk of damage from earthquakes in Saudi Arabia is quite low in most of the areas, Saudi Geological Survey said in its website. No immediate damage or injuries have been reported from earthquake in Saudi Arabia today. 15:00 UTC (local time 2014-01-23 18:00 @ epicenter) Epicenter Location 23 km NE of Sabya, Saudi Arabia 40 km NNW of Abu `Arish, Saudi Arabia 52 km NNE of Jizan, Saudi Arabia 83 km NNW of Samitah, Saudi Arabia 267 km NW of Sanaa, Yemen Original post: Natural Disasters List January 23,

Extremely rare flooding in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kills 7

Update 2013/11/21 Death toll from Saudi flood has further risen to seven. Five of the victims are from Riyadh and two from Arar. Update Three more bodies have been found. This bring the death toll from Saudi Arabia flooding 2013 at 4, the Gulf News has written quoting the civil defence authority. At least 10 people have been still reported missing. Two of the fatalities and seven of the missing are from capital Riyadh. Emergency teams have rescued 1,357 people trapped by the floodwaters in last two days. Note that Saudi Arabia is the same country which normally experiences such low rainfall that religious leaders often organise special prayers for rain. Related Post: Worldwide natural calamities list Extremely rare flooding in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh has claimed life of a 26-year-old Yemeni woman. Such floods are extremely rare for the kingdom, which is dominated by desert, TV-Novosti reported. Flooding in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has also left at least three p

Saudi Arabia flooding claims 13

Flooding in Saudi Arabia has claimed lives of at least 13 people, Saudi Press Agency reports quoting the General Directorate of Civil Defense. Causalities are from five different areas of Saudi Arabia; two persons in Kharj, three persons in Aflaj, one person in Hariq, four persons in Taif, and three persons in Baha. Four others are still reported to be missing. Several flight services were also disrupted at King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh. Schools in Riyad were also closed yesterday following bad weather. It is believed to be the heaviest rainfall experienced by the Arabian Peninsula in more than 25 years. Saudi authorities have been criticized in the past for a lack of  flood preparedness. Saudi Arabia flooding in 2009 in the Red Sea port of Jeddah killed 123 and claimed 10 lives in 2011. 2009 Jeddah flood damage was over SAR 1 billion. Original post: Natural Disasters List May 1, 2013

Natural Disasters List March 19, 2012-Tornado Hit Platte, State of Nebraska, USA

Disaster Report: This natural disaster list covers important natural disasters in the world with detail update report.                                                        Want To Share!! Let Others Know                                           Report through contact form or write in comment section below        Follow Disaster Report @ facebook ( Disaster Report ), twitter ( Disaster_Update ) and Google +( Disaster Report )                                               Keep This Page Open Or Visit Later To Get Update Report Check out worldwide natural disasters list Recent World Disasters Just south of Kaeo, Northland; source weatherwatch Flooding in New Zealand -Worst hit by flood water is Kaeo, a small Northland town in New Zealand (video below) -The main roads in Ngunguru area closed because of flooding -Twin Bridges at Kawakawa closed due to rising flood waters -MetService has issued a severe weather warning in Northland, Auckland, Coromandel, Peninsula, Gisbo