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Hurricane Gonzalo causes damage of at least $200 mln in Bermuda

Hurricane Gonzalo has caused damage between $200 million and $400 millions in Bermuda, a Boston-based catastrophe modeling company, AIR Worldwide mentioned.

The hurricane hit the Atlantic island archipelago off the coast of North Carolina with maximum sustained winds of around 110 miles per hour (175 kph).

Hurricane Gonzalo was a powerful Atlantic hurricane which caused damages in the Lesser Antilles, British Overseas Territory of Bermuda and Great Britain.

Hurricane Gonzalo has claimed lives of four people. Three people were died after winds of up to 108 mph and heavy rain battered the United Kingdom. Hurricane Gonzalo claimed life of a person in Saint Martin and injured 12 others in Antigua.

Gonzalo is the worst hurricane to hit the Bermuda since Fabian hit the island in 2003.

Original post: Natural Disasters List October 24, 2014