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Thousands evacuated in Paraguay flooding

Thousands people have been evacuated in Paraguay flooding due to overflow of the Parana River.

More than 3,000 people have been evacuated only in Ayolas, Misiones, Presna Latina reported.

Alto Parana and Misiones are believed worst affected by floods.

Police, firefighters have moved the people to different shelters in safer place.

Paraguay flooding could affect 2,000 households over the next few days, Paraguay National Emergency official told a local radio.

Paraguay Emergency Service has provided flood relief materials to Alto Parana. Tents and food have been send to affected families.

The river's water level in the region has reached close to six meters. The continuous rise of Parana River would lead the government to declare a state of emergency.

The 1982-83 Paraguay flooding caused by El Niño had affected parts of Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. Flood damage was around $3 billion.

Original post: Natural Disasters List June 27, 2013


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