Hailstorms cause havoc in 8 villages in Georgia

Wild hailstorms have caused heavy damage to agricultural crops in eight villages in Akhmeta in Kakheti region of eastern Georgia.

Hailstorm damage have been found extensive in Ashkhnis Velebi, Akhshani, Arashenda, Chabinaani, Khorkheli, Zemo Khodasheni, Ozhio and Atskhuri, Democracy & Freedom Watch has written quoting Kakheti Information Center.

The hailstorms which lasted for 20 minutes have damaged 80 percent of vineyards in Akhmeta, local government official said.

Detail hail storm damage report is yet to come.

Hailstorm caused heavy damage in eastern Georgia in April 2013 too.

Original post: Natural Disasters List June 22, 2013


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