Lightning in Oman claims 2, floods cause chaos

Recent lightning strike in Oman has claimed two lives, Muscat Daily mentions. First lightning occurred in Mekhaileef in the wilayat of Saham and claimed life of a Bangladeshi. Another lightning struck an India in Fahud in the wilayat of Ibri. At least three others injured in the same disaster.

Floods have halted the traffic between Saham and Sohar. Rock slide has blocked mountain road between Bausher and Amerat, Muscat Daily adds.

Power outages have also been reported in Ghubra and Al Khuwayr, Muscat.

Sultanate flood; Muscat Daily

Heavy rainfall earlier caused flooding in Wadis. At least 30 people were rescued from Ibri, Oman. Following the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA), at least 320 people have been rescued in last seven days.

Oman Met Office expects more heavy rain and thunderstorms in coming days.

Original post: Natural Disasters List April 30, 2013


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