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Pakenham earthquake today: M2.2 earthquake felt across the eastern suburbs

July 29, 2020: An earthquake of magnitude 2.2 has been recorded near Pakenham, about 60 kilometres south-east of the CBD at 7:08pm local time, Geoscience Australia confirmed. The earthquake tremor was felt by the residents across Melbourne's east. The tremor was felt by hundreds of people across the eastern suburbs, from Nar Nar Goon to Croydon.

Will earthquake come again in Nepal? Any Chances/Possibilities?

Q: Will earthquake come again in Nepal? What are the Chances/Possibilities? A: Yes, there is no doubt. Numbers of earthquakes are recorded in Nepal on daily basis but they are so small that they are not even felt by the people. If you are asking about an earthquake to occur on fix date and time, I would say it is impossible to predict such things.  According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), "Stating that an earthquake is going to occur today is not really predicting earthquakes. To date, they cannot be predicted. But anyone, on any day, could make this statement and it would be true."  Earthquake prediction may some day become a reality, but only after much more is learned about earthquakes. Meanwhile, you may have heard different rumors. Some turns to be co-incidentally correct. But not every time. Please don't run behind the rumors! What is the possibility of earthquake today? We received several messages asking of possible earthquak

Worst flood condition in Bangladesh, 62 killed

July 20, 2020: At least 62 people have killed in Bangladesh due to floods caused by monsoon rainfall. According to a government report, at least 51 people were drowned and others were killed by lightning strikes . A total of 18 district out of country’s 64 districts have been affected by current natural disasters . According to the disaster management and relief center, nearly 2.25 million people were affected by the flooding and at least 20,000 have been forced to leave their homes.

Heavy rainfall in Mumbai collapses buildings, 12 killed

July 19: Two building collapsed due to heavy rainfall n Mumbai has claimed lives of at least 12 people. In the Fort area, at least ten people died after a six-story residential building collapsed amid heavy rainfall. Another three-story tenement collapsed in Mumbai's western suburb of Malad killed two people.

India: Flash floods in Delhi kill four

July 21, 2020: Flash floods in Delhi have claimed lives of at least four people. Safdarjung recorded 74.8 mm rainfall on Sunday, the highest 24-hour July downpour since 2015. Many parts of the capital city registered almost 100 mm (3.9 inches) of rainfall.

Narayani River above danger level, high risk of flooding

July 21, 2020: According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division of Nepal, the Narayani River at Narayanghat Bridge has already reached danger level. The water level has reached 9.897 m and is continuously rising at Devghat. The Meteorological Department has predicted flooding along Narayani river on July 21 and July 22, 2020. There is also high risk of flooding in Bagmati, Kankai, Koshi, Kamala, Bagmati, Babai, Rapti West rivers of these two days. In this case, the water will flow across the river banks and to road. The people are requested to remain at high alert.

Sindhupalchowk locals on 'alert' following possible Kerung Tso Lake outburst

July 21, 2020: District Administration Office of Sindhupalchowk has issued a notice warning that Kerung Tso Lake situated at Khasha in China might burst and cause floods in the Bhotekoshi River. The people living near the banks of Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality and Barhabise Rural Municipality have been asked to relocate to higher areas following potential outburst of Kerung Tso lake in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) of China. Chinese authorities have already started relocating their citizens to upper parts in view of the potential threats of the lake outburst.

Landslide in Darchula kills 2, buries 7 houses

July 21, 2020: A landslide triggered by heavy rainfall in Darchula district of Nepal has claimed lives of two people and buried seven houses. The landslide disaster occured in Naugad Rural Municipality-6, Parigaun in Darchula district of Nepal. Meanwhile, the Dungri Hydropower’s production house in Mahakali Municipality-3 has also been inundated, which has obstructed the plant activities.

How fast do tectonic plates move on earth?

Q: How fast do tectonic plates move on earth? A: The tectonic plates move roughly between 1 and 5 centimetres per year. The movement of tectonic plate on earth is very slow. The movement of tectonic plates varies by the location of the plate as well. The movement of the tectonic plates creates three types of tectonic boundaries. In case of convergent movement, the tectonic plates move into one another. The second one is divergent where plates move apart and transform, where plates move sideways in relation to each other.

Rajkot earthquake today: Epicenter 9 km from Rajkot near Tramba

July 16, 2020: An earthquake of magnitude 4.8 has been felt in Rajkot, Gujarat today at 07:40 a.m. According to the Indian Seismological Center, the epicentre of the earthquake was located about 19 km from Rajkot near Tramba. The earthquake in Gujarat today occurred at a depth of more than 10 kilometres. The earthquake was felt as far away as Jasdan.  Last month, magnitude 5.3 moderate earthquake rattled Rajkot which epicenter was located in Kutch district of Gujarat, India . No preliminary damage or injuries have been reported from earthquake in Rajkot today.

Landslides, floods in Nepal kill 62 and leave 49 missing

July 13, 2020: Landslide and flooding caused by heavy rainfall have claimed lives of 62 people and left 49 others missing this July, Nepal's Disaster Risk Management Center confirmed. Highest fatalities from landslide has been reported from Myagdi district. At least 18 people died two separate landslide disaster in Dhawalagiri Rural Municipality and Malika Rural Municipality of Myagdi district. Ten people died in Barekot Rural Municipality of Jajarkot district , seven in Bajhang, five in Kaski, three each in Lamjung and Gulmi, two in Sindhupalchowk and one each in Tanahu, Shankhuwasabha, Doti and Kalikot district of Nepal. On other hand, one person died due to flooding in Raghuganga Rural Municipality of Myagdi district and another person died in Kamal Rural Municipality of Jhapa district. Meanwhile, floods have also caused havoc in several districts of Terai region of Nepal.

Magnitude 4.5 earthquake recorded near Kargil in Ladakh

July 2, 2020: An earthquake of magnitude 4.5 has been recorded near Kargil in Ladakh on Thursday afternoon, India's National Center for Seismology confirmed. The earthquake occurred at 01:11 pm local time at a depth of 90 km. The earthquake's epicenter was located around 119 km north-northwest (NNW) of Kargil, Ladakh. There are no immediate reports of damage or injuries.