[Rumor] Tsunami predicted after recent tremor in Durban, South Africa!

A rumor has spread in Durban City in KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa about the recent threat of Tsunami in the area. 

The rumor came into surface after a tremor was felt in Durban and surrounding areas on February 6, 2016. However, no earthquakes has been recorded by Seismological Center (not even by locals).

Some medias claimed a magnitude 3.1 earthquake in Durban at 11:30 am on Saturday and some expect it to be caused by an explosion. But no official information available till date.

People are even worried if it's the aftershock of Taiwan earthquake. They are panicked about the possibility of Tsunami in Durban area. We want to again assure our readers that Durban tremor wasn't result of Taiwan earthquake. And most importantly there is currently no any Tsunami warning for Durban. Don't run behind such RUMORS!

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