600 evacuated amid Hawick flood warning in Scotland

Around 600 people have been evacuated from low-lying parts of Hawick after severe flood warnings were issued in the areas.

Emergency rest centres have been established at the Teviot Leisure Centre in Hawick and at Jedburgh Town Hall due to rising river levels and risk to property, BBC reported.

According to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), heavy rainfall during early Wednesday has led to significant flooding in parts of the area, particularly from the rivers Teviot and Jed in the south west parts of the area. 

There is further risk of flooding from the River Teviot to low lying areas near to the river from Monteviot House to Springwood Park, Kelso.  

"There is a risk of flooding to low lying land near to the River Tweed. The A699 at Springwood Park in Kelso will be flooded and flood water may impact the Cobby and Mayfield river side walks in Kelso," SEPA's floodline website mentioned.

Original Post: Recent Natural Disasters List January 27, 2016

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