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Recent Natural Disasters List January 9, 2016 — Thar drought kills 6 children

Recent Natural Disasters 2016: This natural disaster list covers important natural disasters in the world with detail update report.

Keep this page open or visit later to get update report.

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Major Natural Disasters Today
  • Severe drought in Thar, Pakistan
    -At least six more children lost their lives in the drought-hit Thar desert today, raising the death toll to 33 this month.
    -Fatalities are from Nagarparkar, Mithi, Islamkot and Diplo.
  • Wildfires in Western Australia
    -The Waroona fire has been declared as natural disaster on Saturday morning by Premier Colin Barnett.
    -The activation of natural disaster support would release emergency funds to the affected individuals and families.

Recent Earthquakes
  • M 4.4 light earthquake in Nepal (@ 10 km depth) with epicenter near Phulasi, Ramechhap.
    17:43 UTC (local time: 23:28; 2016-01-09 @ epicenter) 
  • M 5.4 moderate earthquake in Japan (@ 38 km depth) with epicenter located 77 km SSE of Naze. Weak shaking will have been felt by the people of Nago, Ishikawa and Gushikawa.
    14:12 UTC (local time: 23:12; 2016-01-09 @ epicenter)
  • M 3.4 weak earthquake in California (@ 2 km depth) with epicenter located 10 km SSW of Idyllwild. It will have been well felt by the people of Hemet, Idyllwild, Anza, San Jacinto, Palm Springs, Winchester, Mountain Center and Temecula.
    11:43 UTC (local time: 03:43; 2016-01-09 @ epicenter)
  • M 4.6 moderate earthquake in Zimbabwe (@ 10 km depth) with epicenter located 31 km W of Chirundu. Weak shaking will have been felt by the people of Kafue, Siavonga, Kariba and Lusaka.
    03:05 UTC (local time: 05:05; 2016-01-09 @ epicenter)

Recent Flash Floods
  • River Don flooding in Scotland
    -Water levels on the River Don in Scotland reached their highest levels in 45 years.
    -Hundreds of people were evacuated in Aberdeenshire after the Rivers Dee, Don and Ythan burst their banks.
    -According to the first Minister Nicola Sturgeon, new funding of over £12 million will be made available to help areas affected by severe weather across Scotland.

Recent Volcanic Activity
  • Kilauea volcano in Hawaii
    -Eruptions continue at Kīlauea Volcano's summit and Puʻu ʻŌʻō vent on the East Rift Zone.
    -No immediate threat to communities.

Recent Tropical Cyclones
  • Severe Tropical Cylcone Ula
    -Severe Tropical Cylcone Ula has intensified again to category three strength.
    -Ula is moving slowly west south-westerly away from Fiji towards Vanuatu.
    -Ula had weakened to a category one after hitting Tonga's northern islands as a category three system last Saturday.
  • Tropical Cyclone Pali
    -Tropical Cyclone Pali has became the earliest central Pacific tropical storm on record.
    -Pali formed between Kiribati and Marshall Islands, in the northern hemisphere.
    -Pali is currently about 1,300 kilometres south of Hawaii. This system is currently no threat to land.

Natural Disaster News
  • World Risk Index 2015 has kept Vanuatu with the highest risk of natural disasters in the world. The list of countries by natural disaster risk, as measured in the World Risk Index (WRI) has identified the disaster risk hotspots in Central America, in the Southern Sahel, in Southeast Asia, and in Oceania. Click for World Risk Report 2015
  • The disaster recovery center in Harris County, Texas will close at 2 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 16, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) mentioned.

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