Hurricane Joaquin prompts emergency in South Carolina; threatens Bermuda

5 days forecast path of Hurricane Joaquin (NOAA)
US President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency in South Carolina, as the weather system connected to Hurricane Joaquin in the Caribbean is expected to make the situation worse.

Hurricane Joaquin is regaining strength and has been reclassified as a category 4 storm, BBC reported.

According to the US National Weather Service, parts of the state could see over 15 inches (380mm) of rain by Sunday evening.

By wind speed, Joaquin is the strongest Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Igor in 2010, The Weather Channel reported.

Hurricane Joaquin Threatens Bermuda

At 8:00 pm AST, Hurricane Joaquin was located 730 km SW of Bermuda. On the forecast track, the eye of Joaquin will pass west of Bermuda on Sunday. However, a small deviation to the east of the forecast track would bring the core of the hurricane and stronger winds closer to Bermuda, National Hurricane Center reported.

Tropical storm conditions are first expected to reach Bermuda by Sunday morning, with hurricane conditions possible by Sunday afternoon. Joaquin is expected to produce 3 to 5 inches of rainfall over Bermuda through Monday.

A Tropical Storm Warning as well as Hurricane Watch is in effect for Bermuda.

Original post: Recent Natural Disasters List October 4, 2015

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