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Strong tremor rattles Kathmandu valley; epicenter in Bhrikutimandap

Update 11:40 pm

Nepal Seismological Center has confirmed magnitude 4.6 aftershock with epicenter in Kathmandu. Below is the message posted by NSC:
Due to some technical problem in National Seismological Center, location of 2015/07/22 22:14 earthquake was given in Sindhupalchok. Now we corrected the location of that event to Kathmandu. We are very sorry for your inconvenience.

Update 11:28 pm

Nepal Seismological Center seems confusing with the epicenter. The epicenter has been updated to Kathmandu, in Bhrikutimandap with 4.6 magnitude. The epicenter is near Tukucha River. Singha Durbar, the official seat of government of Nepal lies close to the epicenter.

kathmandu bhrikutimandap earthquake epicenter

Update 10:48 pm

Nepal Seismological Center has recorded magnitude 4.6 aftershock with epicenter in Sindhupalchowk district. The epicenter was located near Bhotechaur behind Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park.

Update 10:22 pm

No information has been posted yet by Nepal Seismological Center or any International Seismological center Yet. Preliminary assumption of earthquake of magnitude less than 5 with epicenter inside Kathmandu valley.

Update 10:19 pm

The tremor was strong enough to force people to flee out of their houses. People in several parts of valley are staying on road side currently.

Main Post

A strong tremor shook Nepal today as aftershocks continued to hit the country nearly three months after the deadly earthquake.

Did you feel it? Updates to follow...

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