Italy heat wave kills 9 elderly people— Health Ministry activates heat wave hotline

At least nine elderly people have died of heat wave in Italy in last four days, Italian media reports.

The heatwave caused the deaths of five elderly people, two cyclists and three beachgoers,  in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. A 77-year-old person died in Chivasso, Piedmont, on Thursday, The Local quoted

A 87-year-old man died on a beach in Imperia on Saturday morning. Another elderly man died on a beach in Diano Marina. Similarly, a 76-year-old woman died in the sea in Pescara.

The Italian health ministry has activated summer telephone hotline for heat-related emergencies and advice.  The number, 1500, has been activated from the Ministry of Health trained to give advice and coordinate assistance regarding heat-related emergencies, ANSA reported.

Heat wave has soared across Europe. A heat wave set a record in Germany as 104.54 Fahrenheit was measured in Kitzingen, northern Bavaria, on Sunday afternoon. It is the highest level in Germany since measurements began in 1881.

The heatwave in Italy is expected to continue through Wednesday.

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