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3 fake photos of Sabah earthquake 2015 that went viral

Here are fake photos of Sabah earthquake 2015 that has currently gone viral after magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit the region. Why don't you give it a try? Just type Malaysia Earthquake, Sabah Earthquake .... in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc and these images will pop up in the first row posted in last 24 hours. Social medias like Twitter, Facebook etc will also show similar results. And most surprisingly, these fake photos are widely shared by reputed sites in Malaysia and outside as well. But reality is, they all are FAKE.


This photo went viral after magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit Sabah, Malaysia. The photo was seen in social medias as well as major online news portal claiming damage to a road in Sabah state, Borneo, Malaysia.  The embarrassing part? It’s not a photo from Malaysia. It’s from Myanmar taken back in 2011. A deadly 6.8-magnitude earthquake in the mountainous area along Myanmar's borders with Thailand and Laos had damaged this road in Tarlay March 25, 2011. Photo published in International Business Times back in 2011.


This is another fake photo of Sabah earthquake 2015 that immediately went viral in social medias including Twitter and Facebook. This photo has been used by various online portals to serve articles on earthquake. We came across an article about possibility of monster earthquake in California published by Inquistir in October 2014 where the image was used. Photo published in Inquistir last year.


This is the next photo which went viral claiming road damage in Sabah region. Actually, this is photo of Nepal earthquake damage which occurred more than a month ago. A massive earthquake of magnitude 7.9 rattled Nepal on April 25, 2015 and claimed lives of more than 8,700 people. Photo published in The Huffington Post back in April 2015.