Earthquake aftershocks in Nepal June 22, 2015

A massive earthquake of magnitude 7.9 rattled Nepal on April 25, 2015. The earthquake, which struck at 11:56 am on Saturday, has already claimed lives of more than 8,000 people, injured thousands and made millions homeless. Below are aftershocks of April 25 earthquake of magnitude 4 or greater as recorded by Nepal Seismological Center.

Update 01:35 pm

Magnitude 4.0 aftershock has been recorded in Dolakha at 01:19 pm. The epicenter was located near Jugu.

Update 07:05 am

A light tremor of magnitude 3.7 was recorded around Balkhu area at 12:37 am Monday morning. It was well felt in Kathmandu valley. Residents of Balkhu and Kritipur have reported a strong jolt. Earthquake/Aftershocks of magnitude less than 4 are measured but not reported by Nepal Seismological Center's website.

Main post

Several people are reporting of a tremor felt in Kathmandu at around 1 am Monday mid morning. However, no earthquake or aftershock information have been posted by Nepal Seismological Center or any International Seismological Organisation as of 05:00 am. There are chances of weak quake, probably below magnitude 4. Did you feel it?

At least 327 aftershocks of magnitude 4 or greater have been recorded since the April 25 major quake.

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