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Gorkha earthquake produces at least five aftershocks today

At least five aftershocks have been recorded today in Nepal as of 07:00 am local time.

According to Nepal Seismological center, magnitude 4.0 aftershock occurred at 02:15 am Saturday morning with epicenter in Gorkha. It was followed by magnitude 4.1 aftershock with epicenter in Dolakha at 04:28 am. Another, magnitude 4.1 aftershock rattled Dolakha again after 10 minutes. At 06:11 am, magnitude 4.0 aftershock was recorded in Nuwakot. The latest aftershock was recorded at 06:31 am with epicenter in Gorkha/Dhading border region.

According to Nepal Seismological Center, April 25 Gorkha Earthquake is followed by at least 227 numbers of aftershocks with local magnitude greater or equal to four.

The death toll from the Gorkha earthquake and latest Dolakha aftershocks have reached near to 8,500, the National Emergency Operation Centre under the Home Ministry said.


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