Dolakha/Sindhupalchok earthquake panics people in Kathmandu

Magnitude 5.0 moderate earthquake hit Dolakha/Sindhupalchowk border region Friday morning, the Nepal Seismological Center (NSC) reported.

According to the Nepal Seismological Center, the earthquake occurred at 06:17 am. Earlier magnitude 4.0 earthquake hit Sindhupalchowk at 02:19 am. NSC has categorized both the earthquakes as the aftershocks of Gorkha earthquake.


Following the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) data, the earthquake's epicenter was located about 63 km E of Kathmandu. It was 6.1 miles deep

The tremor was well felt in Kathmandu valley. People rushed out of their homes to the safer place after the earthquake.

According to Yadav Bhattarai from Maitidevi, "The tremor was well felt. We rushed out of the house to the nearby road. However, it didn't last longer." No damage or injuries have been reported.

The death toll from the April 25 magnitude 7.9 earthquake has reached 7,759. Sindhupalchowk has so far seen the highest number of deaths with 2,291.

00:32 UTC ( local time: local time: 06:17; 2015-05-08 @ epicenter)

Epicenter Location
32 km (20mi) S of Kodari, Nepal
43 km (27mi) E of Banepa, Nepal
45 km (28mi) E of Panaoti, Nepal
63 km (39mi) E of Kathmandu, Nepal
64 km (40mi) E of Patan, Nepal

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