At least three tremors felt today

Update 23:50 UTC

A slight tremor was felt in Kathmandu at around 9:30 pm Tuesday night. As the magnitude was 3.6, Nepal Seismological center hasn't updated details about it. Only magnitude 4 or greater are enlisted in the website. 

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At least three aftershocks have been recorded today in Nepal.

Nepal Seismological Center reported magnitude 4.3 aftershock at 04:34 am with epicenter in Dolakha.

nepal earthquake data

At 11:29 am, another aftershock of magnitude 4.0 hit Sindhupalchowk. Another, magnitude 4.2 aftershock hit the same region at 04:44 pm.

At least 248 aftershocks of magnitude 4 and greater have been recorded till the April 25, 2015 major earthquake.


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