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Ubinas volcano in Peru spews ashes over nearby villages

The Ubinas volcano in Peru erupted on Wednesday morning causing a layer of ash to fall over nearby villages.

According to Peru21, the eruption at  Ubinas volcano occurred at 4:24 a.m. Wednesday and spewed a column of ash over 2.5 km above the crater of the volcano causing ash fall on the villages of Escacha and Ubinas Valley. [El evento eruptivo sucedió a las 4:24 am. del miércoles y provocó la emisión de una columna de ceniza de más de 2.5 kilómetros de altura sobre el cráter del volcán Ubinas, que después de unos minutos empezó a caer sobre los poblados de Escacha y el valle de Ubinas]

The Ubinas volcano eruption on Wenesday morning (Photo: Peru21/USI)

Escacha and Ubinas Valley have received layer of ashes, Peru This Week has written following the calculation of the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (SENAMHI). 

Local people have been advised to protect themselves with masks and goggles and to protect water resources and food to prevent contamination.

Ubinas volcano erupted multiple times in September 2013. Ubinas volcano erupted an ash plume in April 2014 causing evacuations of people.

Ubinas volcano is located in the Andes of southern Peru.