Forest fires kill 10 in latest Serbia natural disaster

Forest fires in Russia's Khakassia republic in southern Siberia have claimed lives of at least 10 people.

“According to preliminary data, at least ten people were killed. All the details are currently specified,” the Sputnik News has written quoting a spokeswoman for regional authorities as saying.

Earlier RIA Novosti was quoted as five people died, over 120 were injured and almost 1,000 houses damaged.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry deployed several planes and helicopters to fight the forest fires.

According to The Moscow Times, the Emergency Situations Ministry said fires broke out in seven districts on Sunday. Forest fires have been reported in the region since late last month.

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry's Khakassia department said fires have been put out in 17 of the republic's 42 fire-stricken localities, Interfax Information Services reported.

A state of emergency was declared at 1 p.m. local time (6:00 GMT) following latest disaster in Serbia. Hundreds of people have been moved from their homes to holiday campsites or temporary accommodation. Food and first necessities are available at temporary shelters for those who have lost their homes.


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