Earthquake hits Swine flu ravaged Jajarkot, Nepal

Magnitude 5.1 earthquake hits Swine flu ravaged area of Jajarkot, Nepal Seismological Center reported.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake's epicenter was located  47 km SSE of Jumla. It was 24.7 miles deep.

Following USGS Pager Map, earthquake was felt in Dailekh and Pokhara as well.

No damage or injuries have been reported yet.

Jajarkot, a part of Bheri Zone in Nepal, has been ravaged by Swine flu from several weeks which has already claimed lives of 26 people.

In term of relative vulnerability, Nepal has been ranked as the 11th most at risk country in the world to earthquakes and 30th most at risk to floods and landslides (UNDP, BCPR, 2004), an article published by Nepal Red Cross Society mentioned.

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has recently taken a major step to work on earthquake preparedness in Nepal focusing on emergency measures from early warning systems to post-disaster communications. A National Emergency Communication Plan focusing on these issues has been drafted and waiting for the approval.

14:02 UTC ( local time: 19:47; 2015-04-21 @ epicenter)

jajarkot earthquake

Epicenter Location
47 km (29mi) SSE of Jumla, Nepal
68 km (42mi) E of Dailekh, Nepal
82 km (51mi) ENE of Birendranagar, Nepal
85 km (53mi) N of Tulsipur, Nepal
314 km (195mi) WNW of Kathmandu, Nepal

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