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Huge sinkhole opens up in Naples, Italy – 380 people evacuated

At least 380 people have been evacuated following a huge sinkhole in Naples, Italy.

Sinkhole suddenly opened up on a street in Pianura on Sunday. The junction of two residential streets collapsed at around 5 am.

No damage was done to surrounding buildings but 380 people in the area had to be found emergency accommodation as a precautionary measure, The Independent has written quoting the Italian newspaper Il Mattino.


According to USA Today, a burst underground water pipe and heavy rains caused the 33 feet wide sinkhole in Naples, Italy.

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Sinkhole is a natural depression in the Earth's surface.

 What after a sinkhole opens?
  •  Immediately contact homeowners insurance company if your home (property) is under threat.
  • Get in contact with Office of Emergency Management for your area if damage is huge.