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BREAKING NEWS: Indonesia earthquake today measured 7.1 – No tsunami threat

M 7.1 massive earthquake shakes Indonesia today, the Badan Meteorologi Klimatologi dan Geofisika (BMKG) reported.

The earthquake is however harmless due to its greater depth below the Flores Sea. It was 355.4 miles deep.

The United States Geological Survey  (USGS) expects moderate to light shaking in Riangpuho, Bedalewun, Hinga, Klubagolit, Kampungsusah, Wuaona, Ende and Labuhanbajo.

There is no Tsunami threat due to the greater depth.

Similar magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia three months ago.  In April 2012, earthquake with magnitude 8.7 triggered Tsunami in Indonesia.

13:45 UTC (local time 21:45; 2015-02-27 @ epicenter)

Epicenter Location
104 km BaratLaut FLORESTIMUR-NTT
129 km TimurLaut SIKKA-NTT
139 km BaratLaut LEMBATA-NTT
312 km BaratLaut KUPANG-NTT
1759 km Tenggara JAKARTA-INDONESIA

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