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Snowstorm in Syria kills 11 including a two-day-old girl

Snowstorm in Syria has claimed lives of at least 11 people this week. "Seven children, including twin baby girls, were among the dead on Sunday", Times of Oman has written quoting the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Recent fatalities include a two-day-old girl in the Firdous district of the northern city of Aleppo and three boys in Beit Sahem, south of Damascus, in the eastern town of Albu Kamal and in southern Syria's Daraa province.

In neighbouring Lebanon, Snowstorm claimed lives of two Syrian man and a young boy, bringing misery to thousands of Syrian refugees. Snowstorm named "Zina" prompted Education Minister Elias Bou Saab to order the closure of all public, private and vocational schools in Lebanon.

The 2013 Middle East snowstorm slammed parts of Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, and Egypt.

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