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Deadliest Mount Everest avalanche 2014 kills 15

The single deadliest avalanche ever on the world's highest peak has claimed lives of at least 15 people, Nepal based The Kathmandu Post reported.

An avalanche occurred Friday morning in an area known as "popcorn field" near Everest Base Camp at an elevation of approximately 5,800 m. Avalanche site lies within the Khumbu Ice fall.

According to The Republica, a central natural disaster recovery committee has decided to provide Rs 40,000 to the families of the deceased.

Reports have shown that over 200 people have died trying to climb Mount Everest till now. Mount Everest avalanche 2014 is the single deadliest avalanche in the mountain's history.

An avalanche on Mount Everest in October 2013 had claimed lives of at least four people.

Mount Everest is the Earth's highest mountain located in Nepal at 8,848 metres above sea level.

Below is the list of fatalities of Everest avalanche as provided by Tourism Ministry in Nepal. The Tourism Ministry confirmed 12 deaths and four missing.

Mingma Nuru Sherpa(Namche-4)

Dorji Sherpa (Namche-9)

Ang Tshiri Sherpa (Namche-7)

Nima Sherpa (Namche-9)

Phurba Ongyal Sherpa (Khumjung-7)

Lhakpa Tenjing Sherpa (Khumjung-2)

Chhring Ongchu Sherpa (Khumjung-2

Dorjee Khatri (Taplejung)

Dorjee Sherpa (Khumjung-7)

Phur Temba Sherpa (Sankhasabha)

Pasang Karma Sherpa (Juving-5)

Asman Tamang (Sotang-9)


Original post: Natural Disasters List April 19, 2014