Tampa Bay Sinkhole swallows houses

Large sinkhole near Tampa Bay, Florida has swallowed two homes, a boat and a backyard pool Thursday morning.

The sinkhole in Dunedin, Florida has grown to a size of about 70 feet wide by 53 feet deep by noon, NBC news reported.

Seven houses in Dunedin have been evacuated.

No injuries have been reported from this Tampa Bay sinkhole.

Below is a you tube video of the Ariel view of sinkhole in Dunedin, Florida.

Florida is prone to sinkholes and has frequent sinkholes in the United States. A sinkhole in Florida in March 2013 had swallowed a man.

What after a sinkhole opens?

  • Immediately contact homeowners insurance company if your home (property) is under threat.
  • Get in contact with Office of Emergency Management for your area if damage is huge (Information: Sinkhole poster; Southwest Florida water management district).
Original post: Natural Disasters List November 14, 2013


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