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Strong earthquakes in Kampala, Uganda

-Shaking in Hoima District lasted between 30 and 40 seconds
-Tremors were well felt in Kampala, Hoima and Kagadi in Uganda, and Bunia in the DRC.

Update 2013/07/03; 20:05 UTC

Magnitude 5.7 strong earthquake has hit Lake Albert Region, Congo at 19:21 UTC with epicenter located 51 km W of Kigorobya. People from Kampala (Uganda) have reported light to weak shaking.
Epicenter Location:

51 km (32mi) W of Kigorobya, Uganda
56 km (35mi) WNW of Hoima, Uganda
66 km (41mi) E of Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo
95 km (59mi) S of Paidha, Uganda
237 km (147mi) NW of Kampala, Uganda 

Update 13:55 UTC
USGS has mentioned magnitude 5.2 earthquake in Uganda's Kigorobya region. Earthquake occurred at 20.5 km depth.
Dozens of houses have developed cracks. Most of the houses are made from mud. However no injury reported.

Felt reports (You can also add your experience in the comment section below)
Daniel van Niekerk from Kampala, Sheraton: Felt two tremors. Tuesday afternoon at around 4:30pm. Could feel the ground moving and the couch in the lobby lounge swaying ever so slightly.
2nd tremor 10:30 pm Kampala, Najjera 1 Area. Could feel the bed swaying and mosquito net was visibly disturbed with movement as the 4 poster bed amplified the tremor effect.
Robert from Kampala: Hi its 22h30 in Kampala and just experienced 15 second earth tremor with windows shaking loudly and bathroom sliding doors banging. Wow! We live on a hill on the top floor of an apartment block.
James from Masaka: Earthquake which lasted for about 2mins is hitting for the second time, rattling my bed here in Masaka and is felt in Kampala. Am on the third floor and the vibrations going thru the building like some one wanting to enter my room.
Abdallah from Kabalagala: A moderate shaking felt in a multi-story building lasting approximately 30-40 seconds tonight. I'd estimate a Richter 4 to 5.0 magnitude, or slightly less since I am on an upper floor and this may have magnified perceived intensity. I did not hear any explosion preceding this event.
Jen Mayes from Wakiso: The University of California - Berkeley, located near San Francisco, has a webpage where earthquakes are reported worldwide:
The Seismology Center reported a 5.7 magnitude Richter Scale earthquake, 50 km from Kampala that was centered ~9.8 km below the surface. About an hour later (10 minutes ago), I felt an after-shock which I assume is about Richter 3.0 level.
Scale is logarithmic; so 3.0 would be 100x smaller than the 5.7 quake earlier.
Ammzul from Kampala: Kampala...Mild Shake Up - Twice Within A Span Of 5 seconds...Occurred between 22:15 To 22:20 Uganda Time.
Amyn from Kampala: Earthquake Uganda, Kampala. Just now for 30 to 40 sec!

These are felt reports directly submitted to through felt report form.

Moderate earthquake has hit Lake Albert region of Uganda some minutes ago.

Tremor even felt in Kampala, Uganda.

News developing.... If you are one to feel this earthquake, please mention in the comment section below.

13:33 UTC (local time Tuesday, July 02, 2013 at 16:33 @ epicenter)

Epicenter Location
48 km (30mi) W of Kigorobya, Uganda
54 km (34mi) WNW of Hoima, Uganda
69 km (43mi) E of Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo
92 km (57mi) S of Paidha, Uganda
235 km (146mi) NW of Kampala, Uganda

Original post: Natural Disasters List July 2, 2013