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7 killed, 15 missing in Gansu, China landslide

Landslide in Gansu province of China has claimed lives of at least seven people and left fifteen others missing.

Heavy rainfall has caused landslide in Liujiahe village of Tianshui city in Gansu province of China about 9:30 a.m, the provincial emergency response office said.

Similarly floods have also damaged roads linking the Niangniangba township, Xinhua News reported.

Gansu is the same area where very strong earthquake hit the area some days ago claiming lives of at least 95 people. The China earthquake administration has launched an emergency response plan after the deadly Gansu earthquake.

Below is a photo of rescuers searching for missing people at the landslide in Gansu, China (Photo: Xinhua/Li Xiaohua).

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According to China's Ministry of Finance (MOF), 230 million yuan has been allocated by government for flood relief funds.

Rain triggered natural calamities in China have claimed  lives of at least 337 people as of July 17, the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters said.

Original post: Natural Disasters List July 26, 2013


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