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Germany flooding claims 2

Heavy rainfall has caused widespread flooding in Germany, especially the region of Bavaria, Germany based The Local reported.

German flooding has claimed lives of two people and left two more missing.

Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony are reported to be worst hit by recent floods in Germany.

Train services in southern and lower Bavaria have also been disrupted.

The Associated Press quoting Herbert Zillinger, a spokesman for Passau's crisis center has written, "The situation is extremely dramatic."

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Germany has sent 1,760 soldiers in flood damage zone to reinforce flood defenses, particularly in the south and east of the country. Chancellor Angela Merkel has planned to visit flood-devastated parts of Germany tomorrow.

Yahoo News has added the reference of The German news agency dpa as "the water levels were the highest recorded since 1501 in Passau."

Germany flooding photo;
Floods in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic have claimed lives of at least eight people and left nine people missing.

Original post: Natural Disasters List June 3, 2013


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