North Carolina landslide 2013

Heavy rainfalls have caused landslide in North Carolina near the Tennessee border.

According to Haywood County Sheriff's Office, landslide occurred on Cove Creek Road. The landslide is four-miles from Highway 276 and both lanes are closed, writes.

North Carolina landslide closed a section of Cove Creek Road in Haywood County. Landslide closed both lanes of Robert Hill Road in the Marshall community. Following N.C. Department of Transportation, the road will be closed till May 6.

Landslide also hit home on Robert's Hill Road just outside Marshall, writes.

Weather forecaster predicts more rainfall on Wednesday.

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North Carolina landslide 1916 caused by heavy storm and rainfall claimed at least 24 people in Henderson, Transylvania, Rutherford, Wilkes, and Alexander Counties. Damage repair charge for July 1997 North Carolina landslide I 40 was about $4.8 million.

Chart below shows rainfall and debris flow from 1876 through 2010 in Western North Carolina.

Rainfall and debris flow chart; Western North Carolina Vitality Index

The North Carolina Geological survey publishes online hazard maps. Landslide in North Carolina's mountainous regions are common due to steep slopes.

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