Tornado in China claims 24, injures hundreds

Tornado in China has killed eight people and injured 136 others. Tornado occurred in Dongguan City  of Hunan Province.


Update 2013/03/21

-Death toll has now risen to 24. The ferry overturned in a river in the south-eastern province of Fujian killing 11 people.
-At least nine people were killed in Dongguan, in Guangdong province of China.
-Heavy rainfall and strong winds also caused damage in Jiangxi, Hunan in central China and Guizhou in the southwest.

Update 23:25 UTC
Death toll from tornado in China has risen to 8. Following Xinhua report, tornado injured 136 people.

Update 13:40 UTC
-Number of injured people from tornado in China has risen to 52.
-More than 2,000 firefighters, police and residents have helped in rescue and relief operations.
-Following English People Daily, around 200,000 yuan has been allocated as the relief material for tornado victims.

Tornado in Hunan Province of central China has claimed three lives and injured thirty others. One person was killed in house collapse and another two people died in hospital.

Tornado stuck Yongzhou City of Daoxian County at about 3 a.m Wednesday morning.

Rescuers have reached the disaster area. Detail reports yet to come.

Tornado in China in 2012 injured four people and damaged more than 100 factories.

Photo: Rescue workers searching for tornado victims in Guangdong province of China; Source China Daily|

Original post: Natural Disasters List March 20, 2013

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